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Commercial Vehicle Assistance and Vehicle Recovery in Camberley | What to Do if You Break Down

Have you suddenly broken down on the side of a busy road? Wondering how to remain safe in this unexpected situation? Remain calm and follow the guidelines below to protect yourself and other motorists from potential harm. Here at JK Breakdown Services Ltd, we offer vehicle recovery services for clients in Camberley and other areas in wider Farnborough. Whether you require vehicle storage, commercial vehicle assistance, motorcycle recovery or any other form of roadside assistance, we are here to help.

Visit our website gallery to see images of our custom built recovery vehicle. We also have a charity page which details the ways that we give back to the community.

Although breaking down can be a stressful and inconvenient event, by following these simple steps you can take control of the situation and reduce the potential risk.

Remember to Stay Calm

The first thing to do is to stay calm. Engine failure and other motor issues are very common, and are bound to occur for all road users at some point. Try not to panic, and remember that this is a typical incident that is often easy to rectify.

Move to the Left

If at all possible, you should move to the left and park your vehicle off road. This moves your vehicle out of harm’s way and reduces the likelihood of other drivers colliding with your car. At this point visibility is key, so make sure to turn on your hazard and side lights.

Leave Through the Left Hand Door

In order to avoid stepping back on to the road, our roadside assistance specialists suggest that you leave through the left hand door, even if it involves you climbing over the passenger seat. This is especially applicable on a motorway. Again, visibility is important, so wear a high-vis jacket or light coloured clothes.

Our team will attempt to reach you quickly from our yard and vehicle storage facility in Farnborough, near Camberley.

Use Your Warning Triangle

Our vehicle recovery and commercial vehicle assistance team always recommend using your warning triangle (unless you are on a motorway). This warns other motorists to your presence. Place the triangle approximately sixty paces behind your stranded vehicle, which is forty five metres or one hundred and fifty feet.

Call A Breakdown Specialist

Now that you are safely positioned off the road, and your car is visible, you should call a specialist. Here at JK Breakdown Services, we offer a sixty minute call out service within twenty five miles of our head office and vehicle storage yard. We also travel nationwide for commercial vehicle assistance, motorcycle recovery and other roadside assistance services.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help with a rapid and affordable service in the Camberley area. Choose JK Breakdown Services for vehicle recovery that you can trust.

Contact us today on 01252 900615 to find out more about our commercial vehicle assistance and vehicle recovery services in Camberley and the surrounding areas.
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