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Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in Camberley | Nationwide Vehicle Recovery

Looking for a reliable vehicle recovery service? In need of urgent roadside assistance? Look no further than JK Breakdown Services Ltd, a Farnborough-based company providing rapid responses for Camberley and the wider South East. We offer a sixty minute call out service within our twenty-five mile catchment area and are happy to travel across the country if necessary. We use a custom-built Land Rover Defender to offer off-road recovery, and our proximity to three major motorways allows us to reach you quickly at any time of day or night.

With vehicle storage and accident management available, we are trusted in the local area for our reliable professionalism. We provide real time tracking to allow you to follow the movements of our recovery vehicle when en route.

A family-run company with over a decade of collective experience, we are here to help with a range of issues. Find out more about our services today.

Emergency Assistance

Here at JK Breakdown Services, we always prioritise on-site repairs, and our recovery services are a secondary option for when your vehicle requires more extensive work. We are trained to fix:

If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, we are happy to transport it. This only applies to vehicles up to three and a half tonnes. We have space for four passengers in our recovery vehicle and will deliver your car, motorcycle, trailer or van to your desired location.

We offer a full tracking service to allow you to watch our journey from your phone. We text you a link while you wait, which gives accurate ETAs and live updates. If you are unaware of your position, we will send you a link which pinpoints your location using your phone’s GPS.

Our specialist recovery software means that we can offer roadside assistance in remote locations. Choose JK Breakdown Services for vehicle recovery in Camberley and the surrounding areas.

What to do if You Break Down?

Here is a quick guide to help those who have unexpectedly broken down. It is important that you follow these steps to ensure safety for yourselves and fellow road users:

  • Stay calm and consider other road users.

  • Try to pull over so that you’re off the road.

  • Turn on your hazard lights.

  • Exit the car by the left-hand door.

  • Wear light-coloured clothes or high-vis.

  • Place your warning triangle 60 paces (45 metres/147 feet) behind the vehicle (do not do this on a motorway).

  • Keep sidelights on if visibility is poor.

  • Call your trusted breakdown services provider.

We are here to help, and you can trust us to provide prompt roadside assistance when you need it most. JK Breakdown Services covers Camberley and the surrounding areas with dependable vehicle recovery and motorcycle recovery.

Call now on 01252 900615 for more information on our roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services in Camberley and the surrounding areas.
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